Statuses for all occasions

Statuses for all occasions

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The best app and huge collection of statuses for all occasions for quick update status in Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp etc.
All statuses are divided into 11 categories: Funny statuses, Love statuses, New Year statuses, Sad statuses, Nice statuses, Man statuses, Woman statuses, Clever statuses, Life statuses, Joke statuses, Friend statuses.
Using our app you can log in and post statuses in social networks: Facebook, Twitter, VKontakte, Odnoklassniki and Moi Mir.
You can edit any short status from the collection, and send their own status (no longer than 250 characters) to multiple social networks in one click!
Post statuses on the wall Facebook, Twitter and VKontakte with photo or image.
Post Photo statuses into Facebook and VKontakte.
Post statuses on a background pictures on the wall Facebook, Twitter and VKontakte.
Copy any status in clipboard.
Share any status in to third-party apps, such as a text editor or an app for sending SMS.
Collect your personal collection of Favorite statuses.
Store in "Favorites" any phrases up to 250 characters from the third-party apps or publish these phrases in social networks in the form of statuses.
Set up app's widget on home screen.
Set up the function "Status of the day": random status from the selected categories in the notification line of Android at the specified time.
Menu is available on the main page of the app:
Two main menu items – Search and Settings.
"Search" – search statuses by any your keywords.
"Settings" – select the social network, which you will work, update statuses, sorting statuses in categories, how long time to keep posting history, set up widget theme and the ability to change the language of the application (Russian / English / Spanish / German / French / Italian / Portuguese).
"History" – posting history of statuses with using of the application (for 7 days by default).
"Download" - download additional database of statuses for the app.
This app is absolutely free! Looking forward to your feedback and suggestions for improvement:
How to set up status into WhatsApp?
How to update status database?
If you want to help me to translate and collect a new base of statuses on your language, please mail me.


What's New

Change icon in app.
Added online mode to the app for viewing and posting the statuses from our huge collection of statuses.



Update: 2017-12-31

Version: 2.51

Requires: Android2.3.3 or later



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User Review

I will give 5 stars if you add some images to fill the background, so I don't have to use images from my phone.
this app is awesom i just love this app and i have this app in all my devices.
Please do not get this stupid selfish app I'm warning you don't get it
Never had an easy way out not even google cd get me exactly what I want
It has the best statuses... These status helps to encourage me more and more everyday
Very good app. I like it so much. Thanks for creating such a good app like this. I hope it will work great for ever and please add more texts to it.

User Review

    this app is awesom i just love this app and i have this app in all my devices.


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