Terra Fighter 2 - Fighting Games

Terra Fighter 2 - Fighting Games

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Action | 90.7MB | Update: 2017-08-03 | Version: 1.10 | Requires: Android2.3 or later

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Sequel of Terra Fighter - Deadly Wargods is released as Terra Fighter 2- Fighting Games.
* * * Slogan Of Real Warrior * * *
The Battle Needs Blood but Warrior with Sword never cares for it.
Terra fighter is the Classical 3D Action Fighting Game with Weapons .
**The current Free 3D version of Game is supported in device with 1GB and Higher RAM Devices**
In this Free Fighting Game 3D , you will find awesome fighting moves for Kick, Punches,Combos and Powerful Projectile.
It offers main story mode Game Play as well Ultimate Duel Fights.
The Best HD 3D Game Back Ground and 3D Stages will give you feeling of Playing the Combats in Unreal World.
Out of 300 Fighting Games Arts we have choose best Fighting Martial Arts.
To win the furious tournament In the arena of wargods , you've to master the art of kickass street fighting, kung fu, karate & MMA fighting.
Keep Focus on the opponent's weak point, make your move & attack with your full strength & skills.
You have chance to defeat world's best fighters of different era including Roman Gladiator, Deadly Ninja, Dragon Fighter , Army Lady, Boxing Wrestling Girl, Giant Demons and Future Metal Steel Robots.
Porting Soul allows you to unlock enemy players and use them in Epic Battles.
It offers Real and Unreal Fighters roaster.
Unreal Tournament Fighting is ready for you.
Shadow of defeated Commander will be one the battle ground to take Revenge.
Tiger Fighter, Dead Skull Man, Dragon Warrior, Shadow Fighter Boss, Soul Boss and many other power full boss will trying to stop you to reach to the King of Fighters the Immortal Cibor .
**** Game Play ****
You need to Free Fighter Souls to stop the Mightiest Cibor Victory over Terra.
Cibor is The King of Fighters in all Deadly Fighting Skills and he is unbeatable in any head2head deathwar.
Fight against injustice of Cibor and finish his Immortal Army.
Glory needs Blood and warrior with Calibur never afraid of Fighting.
Special Features:
- Number of Fighting Weapons and Armour upgrades
- Play as Opponent and Boss in Duel
- Unbelievable Magical Power
- Number of different opponents
- HD music and Graphics.
- 16 Unlockable Opponents for Duel
- 40 Fighting are arranged in Story Mode game
- Ultimate Deadly Duel Fight
Game offers best combinations of Real and Unreal Fighters.
Your Opponents are :
* Lee The Kung Fu master
* Jin The Judo Martial Fighting Expert
* Shinobi The Great Ninja Warrior
* Gabek The Immortal Fighter of the Rome
* Clara The World Champion boxing girl
* Valorie The X Army Girl
* Jari The Future Metal Steel Robo Cop
* Ahigo The Super Hero of Jungle Land
* Batar The Fighter with Real Calibur
* Mardig The Real BladeLord
* Terro The Fighting Tiger King
* Kappo The Scorpion King
* Dracco The Eternity Dragon Warrior
* Cibor The God of Wars and Real Eternity Warrior
* Shadow Fighter
* Soul of Bosses
Wargods will give you Divine Weapons and Armour to Fight against Immortal Fighters.
Stop the Rise of Darkness and be part of Divine Glory.
In this Free Fighting Game you have to fight for Justice and Freedom.
Become King of Fighters after defeating Cibor in Deadly Kombat.
Though Terra Fighter Fighting Game is free to play but you can choose to pay money for quick upgrade of weapons and Armours.
The game is combinations of Street Fighting Games, Kung fu Fighting Games, Karate Fighting Games, Martial art Fighting games, Gladiator Fighting Games, Boxing Wrestling Games and Karate Fighting games.
Enjoy Best 2016 - 2017 Free Action Fighting Game in 3D.
Stay Tuned with SMVD Games @
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